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About Salsa Cruises

The MV Britannia is located at the foot of Denman, off Georgia Street, in Coal Harbour, and is Vancouver's largest 3 level cruising vessel, with a capacity of just under 500, where two levels are inside and the third is just under the stars. Want your own private Salsa Cruise playing amazing Latin music, we’ll help you organize your own private event, big or small.

We offer you, an exciting taste of Latin American Culture within the beautiful waters of Vancouver, cruising gorgeous False Creek. An outstanding night filled with only the best in Music, Entertainment and Surroundings. Click here to view Salsa Cruise details.

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Angelita's Latest News
Summer Salsa Cruise Series 2015

We are pleased to announce our schedule for the Summer Salsa Cruise Series 2015, voted BEST BOAT CRUISE in Vancouver by Best of 2014 Georgia Straight. Our series commences on Saturday, June 27th, July 11th, August 8th, 15th, 22nd and September 12th playing the best in Latin music on 3 levels of the largest cruising vessel in Vancouver, the MV Britannia. And continuing with our event dedicated to children, we have our Afternoon Family Cruise scheduled for Sunday, August 30th. We have the most incredible team of Djs, Photographer, Staff, Security and Vessel and I am deeply greatful for everyone that makes this event such fun year after year. http://www.straight.com/bov/2014/winners/5361 – thank you again to the Georgia Straight!

An Afternoon Family Cruise Sunday, August 23rd

We are so excited to bring back a fun-filled day for children. An Afternoon Family Cruise is scheduled this year on Sunday, August 23rd and we can’t wait to surprise you and your little ones with fun entertainment. Last year we had a visit from Elsa & Anna from Frozen, who will it be this year? Feel free to send us your requests at salsacruises@shaw.ca.

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