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Dj Sanchez Cuba – Resident Dj

Dj Sanchez Cuba (aka Yunesky Sanchez) Born and raised in Camaguey, Cuba, Yunesky’s passion for music and the arts was cultivated at a young age. An appreciation for music and dance was encouraged in his house while growing up, as his mother was a piano teacher and professional ballerina. Yunesky’s early training in the arts began at the Escuela Nacional de Artes y Danza where he initially spent four years studying ballet and folkloric dancing, followed by an additional three years studying percussion.

Yunesky’s love for music led him to pursue a career as a musician in Cuba. He played percussion in several national orchestas in Cuba including Maravilla de Florida, Achere and Carlos Joel y la Balanza. His talent as a musician enabled him to travel extensively throughout Cuba, where he played at various Carnivals / music festivals including Cuba’s infamous Carnival in Santiago de Cuba. He also made several television appearances playing music on Super 12 in Havana and Tele Camaguey.

In addition to playing percussion, he spent 10 years employed as an entertainer and Dj for numerous hotels throughout Varadero, Cuba. His charisma and ability to energize large crowds combined with his musicianship, has enabled him to develop a unique identity as a Dj. Yunesky believes that dj’ing is more than merely playing music; it is an ability to selectively deliver music appropriate for each crowd no matter how diverse, and instill an energy of excitement via mc’ing in rhythm with the music.

Dj Sanchez has an extensive library of music that expands beyond Cuban music to include:

Latin rhythms: salsa, merengue, bachata, reggaeton, cumbia Latin and American hip hop Electro dance and house.

Dj Kubanito – Resident Dj

DJ Kubanito (aka Karlos Reyes) is a well known local DJ who shares his passion for Cuban music with the crowd, whether it is Timba, Reggaeton, Cuban Salsa, Merengue, Bachata as well as Salsa and other Latin styles.

After establishing himself as a Cuban Salsa Dance Instructor and choreographer, DJ Kubanito expanded his passion for Cuban music by playing at different venues. His selective ear developed as a dancer has assisted him in shaping what happens on the dance floor when DJ Kubanito is playing: dancers who cannot stop moving to his tunes, song after song after song.

DJ Kubanito has been a resident DJ at the Summer Salsa Cruises Series since 2012. Every summer he ensures people leave the cruise with sore feet, an ear to ear smile and a warm heart filled with happy memories of a night of nonstop dancing.

DJ Kubanito is a resident DJ at Lux Lounge Havana Fridays, a weekly event downtown Vancouver.

DJ Kubanito has DJed at some of Vancouver’s most renowned concerts that promote Cuban Music such as the Charanga Habanera and the Vancouver Cuban Music Festival. He has also DJed at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival (2012 to 2014) and the Vancouver International Salsa Festival.

Dj Tigueron – Guest Dj

DJ Tigueron is a self-Taught DJ. He is a producer of latin vibes and is an avid listener of latin dance music.

Although he has used different aliases in the past, he is best known for his work as DJ Tigueron.

“Tigueron” is an alias which is a nickname that he possessed at a very young age. Tigueron has rocked dance floors at both private and public venues in Canada and US. His music preferences are Bachata, Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton and Electronic Beats. In addition, he is a fanatic of turntablism and has an eye for photography.

Michael Gabriel Rosen – Dance Instructor

Michael Gabriel Rosen fell in love with Cuban Style Salsa in 2002 in Santiago de Cuba. In 2004, he was then trained as an instructor by Dos con Dos dance school in Quebec City and started his own school (Más Movement) in 2007.
Michael´s extensive training in facilitation (Power of Hope, Check Your Head, Safeteen) contributes greatly to the positive and inclusive learning environment in his classes. He is grateful to be able to work with this powerful form of cultural expression from Cuba.

Roland Aloysius – Dance Instructor

“I was born in West Africa to the rhythms of the clave, congas, bongos and many of the other percussions one can hear in Latin music. Where I’m from, music and dance are an integral part of life and can never be separate from it. Growing up, Salsa music was always in the background and in a way became the soundtrack of life. Later in Canada, my love for Salsa music quickly spread to the dance itself once I became exposed to Vancouver’s vibrant Salsa scene.”

Roland learned his craft from some of the best Latin Dance Schools in the region and quickly developed a passion for the dance floor that led him on a mission to train to fine-tune his skills with some of the world’s most renowned Salsa Masters from the New York and L.A. scene. He has been a fixture on the Vancouver Salsa scene for over 10 years, having trained and performed with several local groups at local events and international festivals along the way. On the dance floor Roland is known for his very distinctive smooth and flowing style, his creativity and the undeniable joy he exudes; the smile on his face begins and ends with every song.

Roland is known for his efficient and simple to understand teaching style. “I strive to teach my students the fundamentals of the dance so that dancing the steps becomes effortless and pure enjoyment is the only thing that remains. I invite each and every one of you to come and experience this concept of dance and feel the euphoria that only Salsa can deliver” .